Agile providers of custom broadband & TV solutions

ResortInternet is a Colorado-based company founded in 2003, providing Internet, TV, and Phone Services to hotels, metropolitan districts, condominium complexes, and small towns.  ResortInternet services 60,000+ units to more than 450 properties.

The mission of ResortInternet is to provide the most cost-effective and reliable service set to multi-dwelling unit properties & destination locations.  ResortInternet has a long history and strong reputation for installing and servicing reliable TV systems, WiFi systems, fiber networks, and Phone services.


With one of the best technology and service teams in the industry, you'll enjoy working with us! We work to provide you with the right services at the right price for your property, and look forward to introducing ourselves.



Every property is different and requires a different approach to infrastructure implementation. Our dedicated engineers will work closely with your property to ensure that our services are catered specifically to your needs and the property’s design. Pending a property tour and overview of your current IT infrastructure, our specialists will develop a strategic plan that works to negate any potential integration issues before starting implementation. This foresight allows our team to perform their job quickly, efficiently, and with few complications. Best of all, it means a smooth transition for your property and its residents.







After a thorough property analysis, our engineers will get to work designing a custom network solution for your property. At ResortInternet, we don’t believe in “out of the box” or default approaches, so you can rest assured your new infrastructure will be as unique as your business. During this period, our team will communicate openly and often with your staff, ensuring that our design fits your vision. Furthermore, you can count on us to be open and honest and to ultimately build a solution that fits your business model perfectly – nothing more, nothing less.

Installation is our specialty, after our careful and detailed planning, you can count on our on-site engineers to arrive as scheduled, and complete the scope of work in a timely manner. Furthermore, all installation efforts will be clearly and concisely communicated to your management staff, allowing your business to continue to function with minimum operational interruptions. At this point, it won’t be long before your residents & guests are enjoying your new high-speed network, telephone system, or TV service!

After our professional design and install is complete, we don’t walk away leaving our customers in the dark. ResortInternet technicians perform Wi-Fi signal testing property wide and scan every TV to verify channel quality and system performance. Our customers receive a certificate of install completion, verifying all aspects of the system are running smoothly. Both ResortInternet technicians and our customers sign off prior to us calling an install complete.

Let’s face it. No matter how advanced the technology, some unforeseen issues are bound to happen at some point. That’s why we pride ourselves on our Ongoing Customer Care program. No matter what happens, you can assure that our customer service reps and support staff will be readily available to tackle any problems that may occur after installation. And no matter the problem, large or small, you can rest assured knowing that all your technical support needs will be put to rest in a timely and efficient manner.

As a ResortInternet customer, you can expect to receive the following services ongoing through our Customer Care Program:
  • Bandwidth & user reporting
  • System performance graphs
  • Local technicians
  • On-site service support
  • Annual account reviews