Have internet for your Condo

ResortInternet’s WiFi Service offers significant advantages and benefits over individual owners installing Internet in their own condo units. Now, your users can easily access the Internet or stream content via computers, tablets, and mobile devices.




Benefits of hiring ResortInternet



We install best-in-breed Ruckus WiFi equipment, which is simple, powerful, and easy to use.

Features include interference mitigation, capacity-driven channel assignment, Dynamic Polarization Diversity, Maximized Signal Strength, and Network Capacity Optimization. We also offer CAT-3 solutions for in-room modems.


Be assured with the knowledge that your network is secure with our WiFi Service triple security measures:

  • Password protection to prevent unauthorized users
  • Computer isolation to ensure privacy and security
  • Liability release protecting your owners, HOA, and Management Company
  • Capability to manage multiple SSID per property

The latest tech comes with our solid infrastructure, so your network is always accessible.


Remote Management

WiFi is diligently monitored electronically, ensuring that all your units are online and operational.

User Flexibility

Every property and user is different, so why should WiFi services be the same? We offer a level of flexibility unmatched by the competition.

Multiple Users

Multiple users may log in from a single unit.

No Lost In-Condo Equipment

Our support service negates problems inherent with in-room modems, including the need to continually replace lost, stolen, or broken equipment.



Increased Property Values

Our top-of-the-line WiFi even provides ROI by increasing your property values.

Financial Flexibility for HOAs

Forecast and control costs associated with our service keep your homeowner association on the right financial track.


WiFi Service is significantly less expensive over a multi-year period.

WiFi systems also include a customized welcome screen and guest WiFi.